Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prevent cheating?

  • All winning anglers must submit to a polygraph examination.  Anyone who does not successfully complete the polygraph test will be disqualified as well as be banned from any future Bass Tag Roundup events.  Texas game wardens will also be notified of any anglers caught cheating. 

How do I submit a tagged fish for prize consideration?

  • Each tagged fish has a unique number and an email address listed on the fish.  The winning angler must take a photograph showing the fish with tag and the angler.  Remove the tag from the fish before releasing it, retain the tag as your proof.  Submit the tag to the Bass Tag Roundup Committee at the awards banquet to claim your prize.  

Can I fish with an unregistered angler?

  • Yes, The angler who catches the fish must be registered.  Transferring fish is not allowed.  The angler who catches the fish must hook, fight, and land the fish.  In the case of trolling, drifting or still fishing, a rod secured in a rod holder may hook a fish; however, the angler who initially receives the rod from the holder must land the fish without assistance from any other person.  The only acceptable assistance is netting the fish by another angler.  

Are Kayaks allowed?

  • Yes, Kayaks are a legal method of fishing.  Fishing from land, wading, and fishing from docks are also allowed.  Follow state laws for fishing. 

Is this a catch and release tournament?

  • No we do not require you to release your fish.  Follow all state laws for fishing.  Document the tagged fish, remove the tag and submit the picture to the listed email address. 

Is fishing with live bait allowed?

  • Yes, Follow all state laws applicable to fishing in the state of Texas.  Fish caught by illegal means are immediately disqualified. 

What are bonus shirts, and how do I buy one?

  • ​A bonus shirt qualifies you for an extra $250 per tagged fish caught.  You can only buy them online at the moment on our registration form.  Shirts will be shipped out from a 3rd party shipping center.

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2018 Bass Tag Roundup

Lake Conroe, Texas

​January 1st - April 30th